Visual artist: Thomas Montulet

Lisanne de Berg (founder)

Lisanne de Berg (1989) is the founder of the grid. With an academic background in the studies of Cultural Analysis, she considers the grid as a creative digital space where academic- and non-academic writers can meet and are able to put their thoughts to paper. Her rMA thesis "Loss, Violence, Love: the Transformation of the Embodied Subject in Affective Relationality" is embedded in the philosophy of Deleuze and the cultural theory of affect. She is currently involved in the traineeship Eerst de Klas and is a teacher at Joke Smit College in Amsterdam.

Ymke Kelders (editor)

Ymke Kelders (1990) is an editor for the grid. As a 19 year-old dreaming of going to the Film Academy, she started a BA in Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam. After three years of (film) theory, she fell in love with academia and continued on this path. In December of 2014 she graduated from the research master Cultural Analysis with a thesis on care relationships and what it means to be autonomous. Still, all her work is related to film. Her current interest lies in Disability Studies and in her projects she tries to make the link between theory and the everyday reality of certain concepts. Her favourite word is “undone”, because it captures everything and nothing.

Therefore this can only be concluded with the following: “Let’s face it, we are undone by each other, and if we are not, we are missing out on something.” – Judith Butler, Precarious Life: The Power of Mourning and Violence (2004)

Georgia Walker (editor)

Georgia Walker (1990) was born and raised in the south west of England, and moved to Amsterdam in 2012 to do her research MA in Cultural Analysis. Her thesis dealt with the processes of community formation, and the training she received throughout the programme – from professors, theorists and fellow students alike – has been extremely formative in her thinking and writing. Among other things, she is passionate about comedy, literature and music. Since graduating, Georgia has worked as a freelance editor and in marketing. She lives in Amsterdam and is a proud member of the grid’s editorial board.

Marleen Kruithof (editor)

Marleen Kruithof (1983) studied literature at the University of Amsterdam. In 2013 she earned her Master’s degree in Comparative Cultural Analysis. During her studies she developed a specific interest for concepts that are generally assigned to ‘the feminine’ and (consequently) occupy a lower-status position within critical theory, such as shame and masochism. In her rMA thesis she analyzed the deployment of shame within film and literature, claiming that shame should be (re)considered as a productive affect within society.  

She currently works as a freelance editor, directs youth theatre and is a member of the editorial board of the grid.

Wendy Beers (editor)

Wendy Beers (1986) has an academic background in humanities and in 2012 she earned a master’s degree in book science (history of the book) at the University of Amsterdam. Subject of her thesis was the Dutch phenomenon ‘typografenvereniging’ (typographers association) in the nineteenth century. Not what they accomplished together (as being considered the predecessors of the Dutch labour union) but the way the typographers interacted and documented their actions made this a valuable project for further thinking on one of her deepest interests: sociability.

After working as a freelance editor she is now seated as a desk editor at a publishing agency for non-fiction and higher education in Amsterdam. She translates her ongoing interest for sociability into short stories and as a member of the editioral board of the grid.

Tim Blokker (website)

Tim Blokker (1982) has been making websites professionally for over a decade. His abundance of hobbies and interests, mainly in creating music and working with his hands, keep him occupied in most of his spare-time. But when he was asked to participate with the grid, he couldn't say no. And being drawn into the project so early on, despite having no connection to Cultural Analysis or any of the other related academic fields. He has build a website that translates the wishes of the grid into a platform that will be able to grow and participate on future developments in the digital world.

Hessel de Ronde (logo)

Hessel de Ronde was trained as an Art Historian at the University of Utrecht. In 2012, he received his Masters Degree in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths College, London. Since then, he has worked in the cultural field as a curator, editor and translator. His field of work has gradually shifted towards the creative business, as he is currently working as a graphic designer and illustrator. For the grid, he developed a modular logo based on the inherent structure and openness of the grid. Every issue sees its own specific rendering of the logo, sometimes literally, other times metaphorically alluding to the subjects at stake. You can view his work at


Thomas Montulet (visual artist)

Thomas Montulet (1990) was trained as an engineer-architect at the University of Ghent and the Technical University of Munich. During his studies, Thomas developed an interest for architectural theory, the relation between art and architectural design as well as urbanism. Although architecture is often perceived as a very exclusive discipline, it is precisely because of the juxtaposition of and interconnection between theory, praxis, art, sculpture, society, culture, everyday life and so on that makes it extremely rich and inclusive. For the grid, Thomas will use this background to work together with guest writers as an illustrator. He works and lives in Brussels, Belgium.

Marieke Ubbink (visual artist)

Marieke Ubbink is a graphic designer and illustrator and part of the grid's visual team. For more information, visit her website:

Chess McLean (visual artist)

Franscesca (Chess) Mclean is an illustrator and designer graduating this summer in MA Illustration from Camberwell College of Arts and part of the grid's visual team. She loves to work with gouache and ink stamps to create illustrations and pattern designs inspired by the English countryside.  She also enjoys playing with colour to create vibrant, bold designs. For more information, visit her website:

Camily Tsai

Camily Tsai is a Los Angeles-based illustrator/designer currently studying at Art Center College of Design, and part of the grid's visual team. For more information, visit her website: