Visual artist: Thomas Montulet

What is the grid?

Founded in Amsterdam during the early summer of 2014, the grid is a non-profit online platform where creative thinkers are able to practice and participate in a variety of cultural discussions. the grid is a digital space where critical writers can meet and share their ideas. Our aim is to challenge boundaries within conventional thought. We want to offer an opportunity to aspiring and established writers from various academic and non-academic fields to share their perspectives online in order to create new food for thought. Whether it is about art, literature, philosophy, gender, economics, biology, sociology or science: the grid welcomes all topics that are able to change a reader's mind.  

How to publish on the grid?

Every two months, the grid announces their new edition on social media with a call for papers. This consists of a short description of the main theme of our next issue. If you are interested in writing for the grid, make sure you send a short abstract (250-300 words) about your own future article to After we have accepted your abstract, one of our editors will invite you to write your article. Articles consist of a 1500 word text (with a deviation of 20 percent) in the English language that is based upon at least one reference. the grid believes that references help to shape a writer's own thinking. 

the grid as an art platform

The artworks that are created by our visual artists do not only support the content of the published articles visually, but also provoke, arouse, attract and stir up new directions of thought. In this way, the grid tries to combine different forms of art in order to establish a more somatic experience for its readers.